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Member Directory

Members of the Association are divided into two categories, Full Members and Associate Members. Essentially, in order to be a Full Member, an applicant has to be a corporation carrying on equipment leasing business in Hong Kong. This need not however be its sole business. Accordingly, most of the Association's Full Members are banks, other financial institutions or pure leasing companies. Associate Membership is open to other persons interested in the leasing industry but who do not qualify for Full Membership. Associate Members are mostly comprised of professional firms in industries such as law and accountancy, and equipment vendors.

Hitachi Capital (HK) Ltd.
Contact Person: Miss Veronica Wong - Associate Director & General Manager of Commercial Finance Department
Address: 16/F., Wai Fung Plaza, 664 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 2390 3481(Main Line)
Fax: 2789 9184
E-Mail: veronica@hitachi-capital.com.hk
Website: http://www.hitachi-capital.com.hk


We, Hitachi Capital (HK) Limited as Hitachi Capital Corporation¡¦s subsidiary company was established in 1975.

Leasing Business
This business includes finance lease of office automation equipment, information equipment, industrial machinery, medical devices, beauty equipment, logistics equipment, construction machine and pleasure vessel.

Automobile Business
This business is developing an entirely comprehensive automobile service that will cover auto loans, auto leasing, auto hire purchase and auto stocking loans. This service will cover motorcycles, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Hire Purchase Business
This business includes hire purchase for consumer products such as home appliances, home computers, musical instruments and furniture.

Loan Business
This business includes providing loan services to both corporate and individual customers.
We provide commercial loans for tax payment, professional indemnity and SME. We also provide loans to individual customers for the purpose of personal use, home mortgage, education, home renovation and car insurance.

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