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Member Directory

Members of the Association are divided into two categories, Full Members and Associate Members. Essentially, in order to be a Full Member, an applicant has to be a corporation carrying on equipment leasing business in Hong Kong. This need not however be its sole business. Accordingly, most of the Association's Full Members are banks, other financial institutions or pure leasing companies. Associate Membership is open to other persons interested in the leasing industry but who do not qualify for Full Membership. Associate Members are mostly comprised of professional firms in industries such as law and accountancy, and equipment vendors.

ORIX Asia Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Chris Ng
Address: 30/F., United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong
Tel: 2862 9235
E-Mail: chris.ng@orix.com.hk
Website: http://www.orix.com.hk


Reputably the 1st company to start leasing in Hong Kong, ORIX Asia Limited (OAL), established in 1971, is a member of the ORIX Group, a worldwide financial conglomerate with businesses in banking services and entertainment.

Over the last 3 decades, business has progressively grown both in volume and diversity, a timely response to the surging needs and expectations of customers. Today, OAL proudly claims its services in the following sectors: leasing, mortgage loan, professional loan, credit card, shipping finance, international finance, international project and asset finance, hotel management, and insurance agency.

In the sphere of leasing, OAL stresses the knowledge it possesses in the industry, the flexibility it adopts to structure a customer deal and its rigorous demand on customer service. On this note, we are particularly experienced in contracts of China-based equipment, sub-lease arrangement and the unique service of providing leasing facility to Taiwanese manufacturers for their Mainland factories.

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